Keeping Healthly

Losing weight is an elusive journey for most people while for others, they lose the weight only to gain it back a few weeks later. However, with a proper weight loss journey, this need not be the case. What weight loss methods are sustainable and what do you need to participate?

Weight loss as a lifestyle change

Once you decide that you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to change your lifestyle for the better. The first things you should do is acquire a positive mindset for weight loss and put yourself in a mental state that allows for overhauling change in your life. Without the proper mindset, your weight loss effort will keep failing which may lead to frustration.

For this journey, you will also require friends and family members who support your goals and who encourage you to continue pushing even when you feel like giving up. Anyone who acts otherwise should have limited access to you as they can be a major setback. You also need a team of experts to walk with you through this journey including a doctor or physician, a nutritional specialist and a qualified and experienced fitness instructor to guide you on what exercise are good for you and how to correctly perform them.

Natural weight loss method

Before you embark on a weight loss journey, it is essential to consult a physician, who will identify whether you are in good physical and mental state to participate in the journey. There are underlying conditions such as heart conditions that may limit how much and the type of exercises that you can engage in. If your regular physician is not available, those who have Same Day GP appointments could work well provided you give them all the information they need.

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The natural weight loss method involves the combination of good dietary practices with appropriate exercises. With the help of a nutritional specialist, you can come up with a day to day meal plan that takes into consideration your current health state and where you would like to be after the weight loss period. The nutritional specialist ensures that your body gets all the nutrients required to function well and therefore eliminates harmful practices.

For the exercises, you will require the assistance of a fitness instructor. Together, you will take the necessary measurements and come up with realistic goals for the period in question. He or she will also help you in identifying the most suitable exercises such that you lose weight uniformly and gradually. By showing you how to do these exercises, they also ensure that you minimises the chances of injuries.

Surgery as a weight loss method

While it is advisable to lose weight the natural way, sometimes, surgery may also be advised especially if you have tried natural methods and they have not worked well. There are different types of weight loss surgeries including laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, roux-en-y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion. A doctor will help you in selecting the most appropriate procedure given your health and current fitness status. If you follow the instructions given to the letter, there will be minimal or no complications from the surgery.

Whether you choose surgery or natural weight loss methods, you need to work hard to keep off the weight. Remaining active, paying attention to your portions, regular exercise and consulting with your team of experts will play a great role in maintaining your new weight level.