Private HealthCare

Try as you might, you can rest assured that you will fall sick on day or the other. It might be something as simple as a common cold or a complicated issue like diabetes or blood pressure issues. Thanks to out bad habit of eating junk food instead of home cooked food, we have a higher than normal body mass index, which in turn leads to other ailments. Chances are that you might be suffering from some extremely serious ailments that might lead to death if not diagnosed and treated in time. However, it is futile to visit a specialist as you have no idea about the ailment you are suffering from. It is in such a scenario that you should seek help from a Private GP (general medical practitioner). Such professionals, apart from providing health education and preventive care to patients, treat chronic and acute illnesses too. Their training allows them to treat any patient, irrespective of their gender and age. They will diagnose you, and if they feel necessary, prescribe you to undertake several pathological tests, the outcome of which determines whether they will be able to treat you or recommend you to visit a specialist.

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The role of the private GP

The role of the private GP is to check patients and prescribe medications that will help cure their health. He is a fully qualified general physician who has the knowledge required to examine patients, check their blood pressure, administer injections, and providing other general medical treatment. However, he does not have the training required to carry out complicated surgeries, though he may undertake simple surgeries such as cutting a boil on the skin, remove the fluid and pus from it, apply requisite medicines, and bandage the affected area. Obviously, the fees of the private GP is much less than that of professionals. He is the vital link between you and the specialist. In case he recommends you to a specialist for carrying out surgical procedures, he acts as the link between your family and the specialist, providing you with information about the patient and his recovery time, after consulting with the specialist. He also coordinates with the specialist and schedules your appointment with her or him. There are countless occasions when the entire member of a family depend on a single private general physician to take care of their health as well as conduct general health check-ups once every six months or so.